Content Delivery Services


Integrated capabilities that simplify and enhance the content delivery process

Whether it’s your website, videos, music, software, or games, your content needs to reach customers quickly, reliably, and securely. Content Delivery Services provide higher performing, cost-effective content delivery, ensuring a better experience for you and your customers.

Our Content Delivery Services with Limelight Networks

Key Features


Content Delivery Services Help You Solve These Challenges

Website Cashing

Caching all website content, including small and large objects to reduce cost and improve delivery performance.

ARC Light Computed

User request and origin responses are modified in realtime to increase speed to content and offload complex business logic from your application infrastructure


Realtime purge with instant global content invalidation, deletion and purge verification, including purging by content tag and dry run capabilities.

IP Protocols

IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols supported.

Managed DNS

Granular control over the traffic shape, failover origins, and multi-CDN routing workflows.

Last Mile Acceleration

Accelerating content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections.

Backup Support

Content Delivery Services provide an advanced set of features to manage origin selection, connectivity and failover during content delivery.

HTTP Streaming

GShare VOD and live video content over HTTP with advanced caching and delivery options that provide a high QoE while reducing load on origin servers.

Dedicated VIPs

A set of dedicated IP addresses for delivery of “zero-rated” traffic into carriers.

HTTP Support

HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2 supported.

Rate Limiting

Content with high abandon rates, such as video and social media, can be rate limited, capping the data transfer rate allocated to each delivery.

HTTP Manipulation

Customizing HTTP Request and Response headers to control content caching and improve analytics.

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Business Benefits

01. Increase Audience Engagement

With industry-leading cache efficiency, storage integrated with the global infrastructure, and PoPs located throughout the world, Our Platform consistently delivers the best overall performance to keep your audience engaged.

02. Extended Scale and Reach

Expand your reach by delivering your digital content anywhere in the world, to virtually any device, no matter how large your audience or how high the demand.

03. Transition to OpEx

Our Platform lets you move away from large capital expenses to an OpEx model that easily scales with your needs.

Digital Rights Management


Maximizing Multi-screen OTT Content Monetization in a Multi-DRM World

As the OTT video market matures, basic DRM technology is no longer deemed sufficient to enable the compelling services consumers are willing to pay for while complying with stricter security regimes mandated by premium content providers.

Our Digital Rights Management Service with Verimatrix

Verimatrix’s Solution : MULTIRIGHTS OTT PLUS

Verimatrix offers a complete multi-screen and multi-DRM solution for premium content security and monetization, based on its award winning VCAS Ultra and Verspective Operator Analytics solutions and services. MultiRights OTT Plus offers a frictionless experience in a multi-screen and multi-DRM world, including a secure media player with a uniform interface across all client devices.

Key Features


DRM Services Help You Solve These Challenges

Single Content Authority

Harmonized rights management logic provides a unified treatment for devices using different DRMs and stream formats

ALive and On-demand Services

Broadest range of encoder and packager key management interfaces to support live and on-demand service workflows

Core Internet TV support

VCAS for Internet TV provides core security infrastructure for delivery of services to iOS, Android, legacy desktop browsers and STBs.

Operator Analytics

Secure collection and analysis of impactful operator big data to drive executive business decision making

Multi-DRM Support

VCAS support for third-party DRM regimes: Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Adobe Primetime

Federated Rights Mangement

Streamlined and secure workflow for multi-tier content and policy distribution, enabling OTT Wholesale/Retail models.