Future Tech & All-in-one Solution

Posted on - November 26, 2016 by avov

AVOV Technology Inc. is the future of streaming IPTV/OTT content. Not only do we create media players but we have a vast amount of new tech that will be soon available for your viewing experience.
One of our featured project are sound bars. MUZE: is the future of delivering content in an all-in-one solution. You will be able to access your mediathrough this sound bar as it is prepared with a built-in AVOV multi-media player.
This is very convenient and stylish. MUZE: Sound Bar is phenomenal with a built in sub-woofer, you will experience a sensational feel that surrounds you. It has the most powerful sub-woofer at the fraction of the cost. You can feel this powerful sound effect valued at $1,000 for only 20% of the cost! This is extremely the best sound in value compared.
MUZE: Sound Bar will definitely enhance your feel and viewing experience and will reinvent the AVOV media player.