About Us


AVOV Technology is a leader in the latest generation of OTT/
IPTV business. We are leading a new age of Specialized
OTT/IPTV Business Solutions that keeps on raising the bar

Large Volume of Production

Over 5000unit a day

Shenzhen, China

Research and Development

Hardware, software
and apps

Beijing, China
Seoul, Korea

Marketing and Sales Office

Tech Support, Product introduction

Los Angeles, USA
Toronto, Canada

White Labeling Solution

Support over 20
companies success

Los Angeles, USA

We're not just another IT Company

AVOV Technology is at the front of next-generation hardware and software. We are paving the way for a new era of custom OTT/IPTV Business Solutions with an impressive line up of high end set top boxes and middleware software.

Our Research and Development center is in Beijing and our headquarters is based in South Korea. Our goal is to provide the best OTT/IPTV service available (and you can't accomplish that task sitting around)! Taking the lead in the industry, we are constantly developing advances in set top box hardware and the software platforms linked to OTT/IPTV solutions.

In collaboration with our offices across North America, we are proud to say we currently working with over 20 established companies world wide. Each company has their own needs and requirements and we cater our services on a case by case basis.

AVOV Technology prides itself on our relentless focus on quality, performance, our team of OTT/IPTV experts, and our solutions for set top boxes and Android workflows. Together we can help develop your business and really capitalize on this new and emerging market. Find out how we can work with you.